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Adam Barley is one of my favorite mentors. He is one of those practical metaphysicians, if you don’t mind me saying, who seem to have an in-built urge to become conscious of all learned conditionings and limiting beliefs about self. It can be arduous work, and thanks to his decades of experience and having-been-through-that, I feel safe and supported when he compassionately guides a group of people through their processes.

We’ve met only five times when I have attended his 5Rhythms workshops, twice abroad and three times in my hometown Helsinki, where I’ve been part of the organizing team each time. Rather soon at some point he started to feel like a friend, and I’d say that tells more about him than me – it is one of his attributes that come from his honesty and openness. (…because, you know, I’m as tentative at making friends as your average Finn, so it wasn’t me.)

In June ’16 we had a pleasure to have him over here again, and before the workshop we had time to sit down for a brief chat. Adam talked about a couple of pivotal moments in his life as a teen and a young adult, latter of which led him to the world of 5Rhythms. Some of the other topics we touched were searching the connection in outer world inner world, the significance of falling when that’s what happens, and of course the five rhythms, what they are, the ways they present themselves in Life, and how to use them as a map.

– Ville

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Performed by The Hypnomen – from the album ‘Dreaming of a New Dawn‘ (on courtesy of Stupido Records)

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