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Amir Jaan is a kundalini yoga teacher, who has been practicing for nearly 20 years. However, upon asking him what he would like to talk about in this episode, he answered “the way of nature”. I got an impression that for him kundalini yoga is a tool, which is an integral part of his life for sure, but underneath the practice there is something even more elemental. Amir’s centeredness tells that kundalini yoga has in turn helped him to integrate that more-elemental-something into his being.

This conversation was the last of the four that I did in Natural High Healing Festival 2016, but it’s the first one to be published. It was a very pleasant moment on Sunday, the last festival day, when everybody is getting perhaps a bit tired from all the fun, great workshops and, well, staying up late –it’s a festival!– yet waking up early for guided morning yoga or meditation that you don’t want to miss.
We sat down in a peculiar place in the festival venue, an old stone build barn which had been turned into an old furniture store. It was quiet and peaceful inside those thick walls, and sitting in middle of old things it suddenly felt as if time had stopped, and as if we had magically been transported from the festival to some completely different place and location. Perhaps I was not able to remove myself completely from the busy mindset, but Amir’s calm presence helped me to sink into the moment.

The conversation part of the episode is a bit less than 30 minutes, but it’s the substance and the quality that matters, not quantity. This is one of those episodes you might want to re-listen every now and then, because his each sentence is to the point. So please enjoy this timeless conversation from July 2016. Much love!

– Ville / Fonto Radio

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Performed by The Hypnomen – from the album ‘Dreaming of a New Dawn‘ (on courtesy of Stupido Records)

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