I met Florencia Fridman and Samira Wayu Asibakaashi in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala, during the five day Wayeb celebration – a kind of a Mayan New Year, to put it short.
I’ll tell about how I met Florencia and Samira in the intro before our conversation (which starts at 7m 30s), but here’s short biographies by Florencia and Samira themselves. And scroll down for the snow notes!

Florencia Fridman is a self-empowerment artist working with heart opening therapies involving holistic nutrition, Ceremonial Grade Cacao, yoga, sound journeys, and breath work as instruments for transformation; creating a safe vessel for self exploration. 

She works with T’zutujil Mayan elders from Guatemala, has been working with rebirthing (a breathing modality) since the age of 8. She graduated from Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in 2013. Sine then she has been traveling internationally to places like Panama, Guatemala, Argentina, South Africa, and Croatia to share her passion for wellness and Cacao. Florencia has opened for Deepak Chopra, has shared Cacao with the Spotify team, and is a resident ceremonialist at the Assemblage in NYC.

Co-Founder of Cacao Lab, a Ceremonial Cacao brand aiming  to bridge the gap between the modern culture and the indigenous communities.

Samira has been raised and traveled through different parts of the world since she was born, from the jungle of south America in Venezuela and  a small beautiful little island in the Mediterranean Greece, and then back to the exotic Caribbean were she created her first project of reforestation and conscious natural products: Gaia Earth Alchemy, a project based on the the tree of life Moringa Oleifera, Cacao and other special caribbean plant remedies.

Since young age she always felt a deep connection to nature identifying herself with it, which gave her a reason to continue travelling and learning from different teachers and guides. From the Andean mountains to the volcanic lands of Guatemala, to European stone circles and back to the thick forests of the Amazon, learning from the ancients prayers and practices.

She felt a deep inspiration to learn about Amazonian sacred plant medicines from indigenous leader and healer Benki Piyanko Ashaninka, with the vision of being a bridge of the ancient wisdom and knowledge keepers for the protection of nature and is inhabitants and expansion of consciousness.

She has also been participating in very important annual gathering called Aniwa Gathering, an encounter of the wisdom keepers from different linages around the world. This gathering will happen again 3.-7. of June 2020.

We are in very critical moment of life, we are in need to plant these seeds of conciousness so our planet can recover itself. The old system needs to change in to something that can give a promising future in harmony with nature and all is inhabitants

From left to right: Florencia, Nana Marina & Samira

Show notes:
Popol Vuh – a text recounting the mythology and history of the Maya K’iche’ people
Meaning of Nawal – the day sign of the Mayan calendar
Meaning of the Nawal ‘Kawoq’
Cacao Lab – Florencia’s and her brother’s company
Cacao Lab on Instagram
Cacoa Lab on YouTube
Gaia Earth Alchemy – Moringa tree project started by Samira
Gaia Earth Alchemy on Instagram
Asháninka people
Pachamama Alliance
Moringa oleifera: A review on nutritive importance and its medicinal application

Maya Tz’utujil -seremoniakaakao Suomessa
Fonto Radion t-paidat ja hupparit

Intro music: The Seeker, performed by The Hypnomen – from the album Dreaming of a New Dawn

Txai Fernando and Bastiaan Kamãvena – two fellows, two gifted multi-instrumentalists, two beautiful souls with a shared musical vision.
They are specialized in “medicinal music”, and Astral Flowers is a fruition of their musical collaboration. Txai Fernando and Bastiaan draw from Amazonian traditions, and through both learning the songs directly from their origins, as well as through their own personal transformations they have become embodiments of medicinal music. I could go on trying to describe how that quality is carried in their music and performances, but it would be kind of useless – it is a personal experience anyway.

This episode was recorded in late summer of 2017 during their visit to Finland, when they also had a concert in Helsinki. For various reasons it sat on a shelf until now – late November ’17. However the conversation is still very topical, and we are also getting close to the release of Astral Flowers’ first album,  so the timing is quite right!

I haven’t really listened to it so I can’t recall a lot of it, but we hear about Txai Fernando’s and Bastiaan’s backgrounds, both in general and in musical sense, how they met and started playing and making music together and what it means to them. I was amused to find out that –being the same generation– we all have listened to the same skate punk and metal bands in our youth! I would have never guessed, as these two brothers seem as if they’ve lived they whole lives to the soul soothing music they now create and pass on. But hey, Txai Fernando’s first band was called Dr. Alcohol, and I suppose diverse background only adds to their sense of music, expression and skills.
Listen to the whole story in the episode, and enjoy the inserted samples of their music too!

– Ville

1. Pacha Mama (excerpt)
2. New Paradigm
3. Sirenita Bobinsana

Astral Flowers music on SoundCloud
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Astral Flowers on Facebook


Fonto Radion t-paidat ja hupparit

Kaushalya ja Alexandr ovat eestiläisiä muusikoita ja äänitaiteilijoita, jotka kiertävät kylvettämässä yleisöjään gongien ja kristallimaljojen soinneissa. Jagaspace -duon keikka on kuulijan koko olemusta hoitava kokemus, ja toisin kuin väsyttävän rokki- tai humppaillan jälkeen, Jagaspacen konsertista poistuu virkistyneenä. Parantavan äänen vaikutus on voimakas, joten toisinaan jollakulla voi pintaan nousta myös asioita, jotka voivat tuntua epämukavilta, mutta joiden poistuttua olo on entistä puhdistuneempi. Vähän kuin flunssa?

Miten Kaushalyan, Alexandrin, gongien ja kristallimaljojen yhteistyö alkoi, kuinka he saivat oppinsa ja mihin se on heitä vienyt? Mitkä ovat äänen fysiologiset vaikutukset, ja mihin gongien äänenkorkeudet ja värähtelytaajuudet perustuu?
Tästä keskustelusta teki erityisen hauskan paitsi Kaushalyan ja Alexandrin lämmin humoristisuus, myös kaksikielisyys: puhumme sujuvasti yhdessä sekä suomea että englantia. Ja hups, taisin lipsauttaa että he ovat ensimmäiset Fonto Radiossa vierailleet gongitaiteilijat, mutta se ei pidä ihan paikkaansa, sillä Lani Rocillo ehti ensin, heh.

Jakso on varsin musiikkipitoinen, sillä se alkaa ja päättyy improvisoituihin soitteloihin, joten tämä jakso ei kaipaa muita introja.  Nauttikaa musiikista sekä ekstrabonuksesta: jakson perässä on tunnin verran Florestan konsertissa lokakuussa 2016 äänitettyä gongien sointia. Parasta selinmakuulla ja sopivalla volyymillä nautittuna. (Psssst! Volyymi kasvaa aikalailla käyden huipussaan n. 13 minuutin kohdalla. Koekuuntelemalla pätkän niiltä main voit säätää stereot valmiiksi sopivalle, jos haluat välttää ruuvailua kesken kuuntelun.)

– Ville

 Jagaspace official site
 Jagaspace sound traveling Gong SPA – Facebook

Keskustelussa sivuttua:

Photo: AnnAnton

Fonto Radion t-paidat ja hupparit

Tunnusmusiikki: The Seeker
Es.The Hypnomen – albumilta Dreaming of a New Dawn‘ (Stupido Records Oy:n luvalla)

Conversation starts at 11m 00s

“She’s a wizard”, I overheard someone describe Lani Rocillo at work. Or maybe it was “a witch”, said with respect and admiration, but you get the idea. She is a sound healer and a medicine woman. This is one way how it works: you come to Lani’s sound bath, and after chanting om and aah for few times you lay down on the floor and immerse in the sounds she conjures with her gong, sound bowls and other instruments. Enchanted by the sound waves traveling through your body and whole being, you lose the track of time, relax and fall… And when it ends and you start coming back you feel that you spent that time somewhere else, in other dimensions, and now you are renewed.

However she’s not a kind of wizard or witch who tries to impress everyone by using big words or putting on a show. She surely is dedicated to her work as a sound healer, but when you meet her she’s grounded, gentle, friendly, delightful and the most unassuming person. And often the unassuming people are the most interesting and powerful.

That’s exactly how I found Lani when we had this easygoing conversation last summer. It was accompanied by Natural High guest co-host Lasse Maijala, and it turned out he had visited the same power place, Mt. Shasta in Northern California, where Lani had one of her life changing experiences – and after the festival they both were heading to Lapland. Talking about coincidence.
Somehow  we also ended up talking quite a bit about differences of summer and winter, as well as darkness and how to deal with it, so the timing of the release of this episode is very appropriate.

And funny enough, Lani just visited Helsinki and held a Cacao and Sound Healing Ceremony here on 11.11., which I had a pleasure to experience. When I asked her what keeps her coming back, she said that she feels connected to this land, and since the festival she’s been back in Finland four times! Now she’s travelling to South-America for a while, but I have a feeling we Finns will have an honor to meet her again.


Here’s her public update in social media on the day after the ceremony – it’s such a lovely reminder and right on point, so I I want to pass it on to you:

Thank you, Kitos Finland  Last night’s ceremony was beautiful.

I feel such a deep spiritual kinship to this land and always warmly welcomed. Moving on to my journey south of the equator and beyond with more of my self recalled….

>> 11:11 <<

Peace and reverence for life realised within reverberates to the farthest reaches of time and space. Affecting the air that we breath, the food and water that nourishes our body, the life that we live in all its facets and form.

Calais, Standing Rock, Syria, Trump will continue to re-play in different faces as long as we feed the parasitic program of fear and confusion in our personal and collective consciousness. To truly heal the earth is to heal ourselves. This requires continues self enquiry, going beyond the pleasures of illusions, taking courage to face our demons and transposing them into self knowledge..
Dissolution of fear frees the channels of life force to resurge, giving way to greater and greater depths of remembrance and realisation of universal essence of balance, beauty and boundlessness of love.

Interconnectedness of all life and of consciousness means that, what we are Within is what we ultimately create Without.

Yes, there has to be a REVOLUTION but it has to be a Revolution of Consciousness.

Let LOVE lead the way ❤️”

▶ Lani Rocillo’s website
▶ Lani on Instagram
▶ Music for meditation / Ahrkh Wagner with Lani Rocillo (YouTube)


Conversation starts at 10:55


This was another fun one to make. I got to know Tiril in Natural High Healing Festival 2015, where she ran the raw food kitchen with Lilu Lyalya Shanti, providing raw cakes and treats for the festival cafe. I met her again later in ’15 on Natu Retreat, where she treated us again with heaps of raw chocolate desserts.

When I planned to go the NHHF 2016 equipped with my podcast gear,  Tiril was right away on my wish list of people I’d like to talk with. I was wondering though whether she could find time for it, because I had seen how much she spends time creating cakes and treats in the kitchen, when she’s not running a workshop or a yoga class. She just loves to do that!

To my delight she agreed to my proposition immediately, so on late Saturday afternoon she took time for a chat with me and Lasse Maijala, who is the co-host on this and following episode. He’s been involved with the festival one way or another a lot along the years, and I’ve always liked his clarity and sincerity, so it felt natural to ask if he’d like to join Fonto Radio for these special episodes.

We let Tiril pick the spot where to sit down, and as soon as she saw giant marshmallows down on a field, the decision was made. On closer inspection they turned out to be hay bales wrapped in pink plastic, but let’s not let the facts get in the way of imagination! The story goes that Robert, the owner of farm / festival venue Narvilinna, had order pink plastic this year instead of the usual white because he had learned how much Henna, the head of the festival, loves pink. It sure was appreciated!

▶ Raw Food Oslo
▶ Tiril’s magical place on Facebook
▶ Pictures of Tiril’s magical creations on Instagram


We headed to a field behind the festival main tent for the conversation, because it was dotted with giant marshmallows.

Title music: The Seeker
Performed by The Hypnomen – from the album ‘Dreaming of a New Dawn‘ (on courtesy of Stupido Records)

Conversation starts at 14:03


The subtitle of this episode is a wink of an eye to something Mischka brought up in the conversation. The question is originally phrased differently, and it can be really useful question when…  nevermind, hear all about it yourself!

Lulu and Mischka have visited Fonto Radio once before in October 2015, so this time we caught up on what they have been doing between then and July 2016, as that’s when this one was recorded in Natural High Healing Festival. We sat down by a pond in a corner of the festival area on a lovely summer day, and they shared with us some of their experiences in India and Thailand – not just travel travel stories, but inner experiences as well. We also talked about dreamstates, becoming conscious of your attachments to personal identity, and their plans regarding music and coming recording. Some delightful releases are to be expected!

Show notes:
▶ Lucid dreaming
▶ India Yoga Festival
▶ Hampi, India
▶ Sri Prem Baba
▶ Om Sri Sacche Live 2015 – Lulu & Mischka + Awaken Love Band
 Mark Breadner
 Bruce Lipton
 Rupert Spira: A New Model of Karma, Deep Sleep and Death (YouTube)
 Swami Rama
▶ Murray Kyle

Other links:
▶ Lulu & Mischka official website
 Buy their music
▶ Follow them on Facebook or Instagram
▶ Listen to them on Soundcloud


Natural High Healing Festival 2016 started on Thursday with Lulu & Mischka’s heart warming concert.

Title music: The Seeker
Performed by The Hypnomen – from the album ‘Dreaming of a New Dawn‘ (on courtesy of Stupido Records)

Conversation starts at 11m 00s


Amir Jaan is a kundalini yoga teacher, who has been practicing for nearly 20 years. However, upon asking him what he would like to talk about in this episode, he answered “the way of nature”. I got an impression that for him kundalini yoga is a tool, which is an integral part of his life for sure, but underneath the practice there is something even more elemental. Amir’s centeredness tells that kundalini yoga has in turn helped him to integrate that more-elemental-something into his being.

This conversation was the last of the four that I did in Natural High Healing Festival 2016, but it’s the first one to be published. It was a very pleasant moment on Sunday, the last festival day, when everybody is getting perhaps a bit tired from all the fun, great workshops and, well, staying up late –it’s a festival!– yet waking up early for guided morning yoga or meditation that you don’t want to miss.
We sat down in a peculiar place in the festival venue, an old stone build barn which had been turned into an old furniture store. It was quiet and peaceful inside those thick walls, and sitting in middle of old things it suddenly felt as if time had stopped, and as if we had magically been transported from the festival to some completely different place and location. Perhaps I was not able to remove myself completely from the busy mindset, but Amir’s calm presence helped me to sink into the moment.

The conversation part of the episode is a bit less than 30 minutes, but it’s the substance and the quality that matters, not quantity. This is one of those episodes you might want to re-listen every now and then, because his each sentence is to the point. So please enjoy this timeless conversation from July 2016. Much love!

– Ville / Fonto Radio

Show notes:
Amir Jaan’s website
 Amir Jaan on Facebook


Title music: The Seeker
Performed by The Hypnomen – from the album ‘Dreaming of a New Dawn‘ (on courtesy of Stupido Records)

Introduction and the conversation starts at 03:35.

Adam Barley is one of my favorite mentors. He is one of those practical metaphysicians, if you don’t mind me saying, who seem to have an in-built urge to become conscious of all learned conditionings and limiting beliefs about self. It can be arduous work, and thanks to his decades of experience and having-been-through-that, I feel safe and supported when he compassionately guides a group of people through their processes.

We’ve met only five times when I have attended his 5Rhythms workshops, twice abroad and three times in my hometown Helsinki, where I’ve been part of the organizing team each time. Rather soon at some point he started to feel like a friend, and I’d say that tells more about him than me – it is one of his attributes that come from his honesty and openness. (…because, you know, I’m as tentative at making friends as your average Finn, so it wasn’t me.)

In June ’16 we had a pleasure to have him over here again, and before the workshop we had time to sit down for a brief chat. Adam talked about a couple of pivotal moments in his life as a teen and a young adult, latter of which led him to the world of 5Rhythms. Some of the other topics we touched were searching the connection in outer world vs.in inner world, the significance of falling when that’s what happens, and of course the five rhythms, what they are, the ways they present themselves in Life, and how to use them as a map.

– Ville

▶ Adam’s homepage
▶ 5Rhythms

▶ Mentioned in discussion: Be Here Now

▶ Truth, Shadows, and the 5Rhythms:

▶ See page 18:

Title music: The Seeker
Performed by The Hypnomen – from the album ‘Dreaming of a New Dawn‘ (on courtesy of Stupido Records)

Lulu & Mischka could be described as wandering troubadours, who immerse themselves in cultures around the world, and distill influences to their own, unique, heart centered music. Their style is as diverse as are their experiences of traveling, and just living the way they do.

This episode was recorded during Natural High Healing Retreat in Finland, where they lead workshops and gave a concert. Meeting and having this chat with them was a pure delight!

Show notes:

▶ Lulu & Mischka official website
 Buy their music
▶ Follow them on Facebook or Instagram
▶ Listen to them on Soundcloud

▶ Sri Prem Baba
 Natural High Healing Festival – the ”mother event” of Natural High Healing Retreat

Photo: Esa Toppila

Title music: The Seeker
Performed by The Hypnomen – from the album ‘Dreaming of a New Dawn‘ (on courtesy of Stupido Records)