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“She’s a wizard”, I overheard someone describe Lani Rocillo at work. Or maybe it was “a witch”, said with respect and admiration, but you get the idea. She is a sound healer and a medicine woman. This is one way how it works: you come to Lani’s sound bath, and after chanting om and aah for few times you lay down on the floor and immerse in the sounds she conjures with her gong, sound bowls and other instruments. Enchanted by the sound waves traveling through your body and whole being, you lose the track of time, relax and fall… And when it ends and you start coming back you feel that you spent that time somewhere else, in other dimensions, and now you are renewed.

However she’s not a kind of wizard or witch who tries to impress everyone by using big words or putting on a show. She surely is dedicated to her work as a sound healer, but when you meet her she’s grounded, gentle, friendly, delightful and the most unassuming person. And often the unassuming people are the most interesting and powerful.

That’s exactly how I found Lani when we had this easygoing conversation last summer. It was accompanied by Natural High guest co-host Lasse Maijala, and it turned out he had visited the same power place, Mt. Shasta in Northern California, where Lani had one of her life changing experiences – and after the festival they both were heading to Lapland. Talking about coincidence.
Somehow  we also ended up talking quite a bit about differences of summer and winter, as well as darkness and how to deal with it, so the timing of the release of this episode is very appropriate.

And funny enough, Lani just visited Helsinki and held a Cacao and Sound Healing Ceremony here on 11.11., which I had a pleasure to experience. When I asked her what keeps her coming back, she said that she feels connected to this land, and since the festival she’s been back in Finland four times! Now she’s travelling to South-America for a while, but I have a feeling we Finns will have an honor to meet her again.


Here’s her public update in social media on the day after the ceremony – it’s such a lovely reminder and right on point, so I I want to pass it on to you:

Thank you, Kitos Finland  Last night’s ceremony was beautiful.

I feel such a deep spiritual kinship to this land and always warmly welcomed. Moving on to my journey south of the equator and beyond with more of my self recalled….

>> 11:11 <<

Peace and reverence for life realised within reverberates to the farthest reaches of time and space. Affecting the air that we breath, the food and water that nourishes our body, the life that we live in all its facets and form.

Calais, Standing Rock, Syria, Trump will continue to re-play in different faces as long as we feed the parasitic program of fear and confusion in our personal and collective consciousness. To truly heal the earth is to heal ourselves. This requires continues self enquiry, going beyond the pleasures of illusions, taking courage to face our demons and transposing them into self knowledge..
Dissolution of fear frees the channels of life force to resurge, giving way to greater and greater depths of remembrance and realisation of universal essence of balance, beauty and boundlessness of love.

Interconnectedness of all life and of consciousness means that, what we are Within is what we ultimately create Without.

Yes, there has to be a REVOLUTION but it has to be a Revolution of Consciousness.

Let LOVE lead the way ❤️”

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▶ Music for meditation / Ahrkh Wagner with Lani Rocillo (YouTube)


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