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The subtitle of this episode is a wink of an eye to something Mischka brought up in the conversation. The question is originally phrased differently, and it can be really useful question when…  nevermind, hear all about it yourself!

Lulu and Mischka have visited Fonto Radio once before in October 2015, so this time we caught up on what they have been doing between then and July 2016, as that’s when this one was recorded in Natural High Healing Festival. We sat down by a pond in a corner of the festival area on a lovely summer day, and they shared with us some of their experiences in India and Thailand – not just travel travel stories, but inner experiences as well. We also talked about dreamstates, becoming conscious of your attachments to personal identity, and their plans regarding music and coming recording. Some delightful releases are to be expected!

Show notes:
▶ Lucid dreaming
▶ India Yoga Festival
▶ Hampi, India
▶ Sri Prem Baba
▶ Om Sri Sacche Live 2015 – Lulu & Mischka + Awaken Love Band
 Mark Breadner
 Bruce Lipton
 Rupert Spira: A New Model of Karma, Deep Sleep and Death (YouTube)
 Swami Rama
▶ Murray Kyle


Other links:
▶ Lulu & Mischka official website
 Buy their music
▶ Follow them on Facebook or Instagram
▶ Listen to them on Soundcloud



Natural High Healing Festival 2016 started on Thursday with Lulu & Mischka’s heart warming concert.

Title music: The Seeker
Performed by The Hypnomen – from the album ‘Dreaming of a New Dawn‘ (on courtesy of Stupido Records)

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