Txai Fernando and Bastiaan Kamãvena – two fellows, two gifted multi-instrumentalists, two beautiful souls with a shared musical vision.
They are specialized in “medicinal music”, and Astral Flowers is a fruition of their musical collaboration. Txai Fernando and Bastiaan draw from Amazonian traditions, and through both learning the songs directly from their origins, as well as through their own personal transformations they have become embodiments of medicinal music. I could go on trying to describe how that quality is carried in their music and performances, but it would be kind of useless – it is a personal experience anyway.

This episode was recorded in late summer of 2017 during their visit to Finland, when they also had a concert in Helsinki. For various reasons it sat on a shelf until now – late November ’17. However the conversation is still very topical, and we are also getting close to the release of Astral Flowers’ first album,  so the timing is quite right!

I haven’t really listened to it so I can’t recall a lot of it, but we hear about Txai Fernando’s and Bastiaan’s backgrounds, both in general and in musical sense, how they met and started playing and making music together and what it means to them. I was amused to find out that –being the same generation– we all have listened to the same skate punk and metal bands in our youth! I would have never guessed, as these two brothers seem as if they’ve lived they whole lives to the soul soothing music they now create and pass on. But hey, Txai Fernando’s first band was called Dr. Alcohol, and I suppose diverse background only adds to their sense of music, expression and skills.
Listen to the whole story in the episode, and enjoy the inserted samples of their music too!

– Ville

1. Pacha Mama (excerpt)
2. New Paradigm
3. Sirenita Bobinsana

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