I met Florencia Fridman and Samira Wayu Asibakaashi in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala, during the five day Wayeb celebration – a kind of a Mayan New Year, to put it short.
I’ll tell about how I met Florencia and Samira in the intro before our conversation (which starts at 7m 30s), but here’s short biographies by Florencia and Samira themselves. And scroll down for the snow notes!

Florencia Fridman is a self-empowerment artist working with heart opening therapies involving holistic nutrition, Ceremonial Grade Cacao, yoga, sound journeys, and breath work as instruments for transformation; creating a safe vessel for self exploration. 

She works with T’zutujil Mayan elders from Guatemala, has been working with rebirthing (a breathing modality) since the age of 8. She graduated from Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in 2013. Sine then she has been traveling internationally to places like Panama, Guatemala, Argentina, South Africa, and Croatia to share her passion for wellness and Cacao. Florencia has opened for Deepak Chopra, has shared Cacao with the Spotify team, and is a resident ceremonialist at the Assemblage in NYC.

Co-Founder of Cacao Lab, a Ceremonial Cacao brand aiming  to bridge the gap between the modern culture and the indigenous communities.

Samira has been raised and traveled through different parts of the world since she was born, from the jungle of south America in Venezuela and  a small beautiful little island in the Mediterranean Greece, and then back to the exotic Caribbean were she created her first project of reforestation and conscious natural products: Gaia Earth Alchemy, a project based on the the tree of life Moringa Oleifera, Cacao and other special caribbean plant remedies.

Since young age she always felt a deep connection to nature identifying herself with it, which gave her a reason to continue travelling and learning from different teachers and guides. From the Andean mountains to the volcanic lands of Guatemala, to European stone circles and back to the thick forests of the Amazon, learning from the ancients prayers and practices.

She felt a deep inspiration to learn about Amazonian sacred plant medicines from indigenous leader and healer Benki Piyanko Ashaninka, with the vision of being a bridge of the ancient wisdom and knowledge keepers for the protection of nature and is inhabitants and expansion of consciousness.

She has also been participating in very important annual gathering called Aniwa Gathering, an encounter of the wisdom keepers from different linages around the world. This gathering will happen again 3.-7. of June 2020.

We are in very critical moment of life, we are in need to plant these seeds of conciousness so our planet can recover itself. The old system needs to change in to something that can give a promising future in harmony with nature and all is inhabitants

From left to right: Florencia, Nana Marina & Samira

Show notes:
Popol Vuh – a text recounting the mythology and history of the Maya K’iche’ people
Meaning of Nawal – the day sign of the Mayan calendar
Meaning of the Nawal ‘Kawoq’
Cacao Lab – Florencia’s and her brother’s company
Cacao Lab on Instagram
Cacoa Lab on YouTube
Gaia Earth Alchemy – Moringa tree project started by Samira
Gaia Earth Alchemy on Instagram
Asháninka people
Pachamama Alliance
Moringa oleifera: A review on nutritive importance and its medicinal application

Maya Tz’utujil -seremoniakaakao Suomessa
Fonto Radion t-paidat ja hupparit

Intro music: The Seeker, performed by The Hypnomen – from the album Dreaming of a New Dawn

Conversation starts at 10:55


This was another fun one to make. I got to know Tiril in Natural High Healing Festival 2015, where she ran the raw food kitchen with Lilu Lyalya Shanti, providing raw cakes and treats for the festival cafe. I met her again later in ’15 on Natu Retreat, where she treated us again with heaps of raw chocolate desserts.

When I planned to go the NHHF 2016 equipped with my podcast gear,  Tiril was right away on my wish list of people I’d like to talk with. I was wondering though whether she could find time for it, because I had seen how much she spends time creating cakes and treats in the kitchen, when she’s not running a workshop or a yoga class. She just loves to do that!

To my delight she agreed to my proposition immediately, so on late Saturday afternoon she took time for a chat with me and Lasse Maijala, who is the co-host on this and following episode. He’s been involved with the festival one way or another a lot along the years, and I’ve always liked his clarity and sincerity, so it felt natural to ask if he’d like to join Fonto Radio for these special episodes.

We let Tiril pick the spot where to sit down, and as soon as she saw giant marshmallows down on a field, the decision was made. On closer inspection they turned out to be hay bales wrapped in pink plastic, but let’s not let the facts get in the way of imagination! The story goes that Robert, the owner of farm / festival venue Narvilinna, had order pink plastic this year instead of the usual white because he had learned how much Henna, the head of the festival, loves pink. It sure was appreciated!

▶ Raw Food Oslo
▶ Tiril’s magical place on Facebook
▶ Pictures of Tiril’s magical creations on Instagram


We headed to a field behind the festival main tent for the conversation, because it was dotted with giant marshmallows.

Title music: The Seeker
Performed by The Hypnomen – from the album ‘Dreaming of a New Dawn‘ (on courtesy of Stupido Records)